AGA Board Candidates 2011

According to the AGA By-Laws, ultimate authority resides with an elected Board of Directors, who select the President. Three of the AGA's seven directors are up for election this year for two year terms.

Western Region Director ( 2 year term for seat currently held by Gordon Castanza)
Central Region Director ( 2 year term for seat currently held by Laura Kolb)
Eastern Region Director ( 2 year term for seat currently held by Paul Celmer)

All AGA chapters with two or more members can vote for the director in their region in this election. Chapters with 2-4 members get one vote; 5-9 members gain an additional vote; and larger chapters get an additional vote for each ten additional members. Ballots will be mailed to all eligible chapters in early July, the results will be tallied and announced at the US Go Congress in Santa Barbara, Ca, during the first week of August.

All ballots must be received by July 29.

The candidates below have been nominated by AGA members and approved by the AGA Nominating Committee. Click on the candidate's name to view that candidate's statement (if submitted).

Region Candidate
Eastern Paul Celmer
Zhiyuan 'Edward' Zhang
Central Daniel Smith
Western Gordon Castanza
At-Large Position not up for election


For your vote to count, make sure your club is an official AGA Chapter (chapters are marked with the AGA logo on the Chapter Page) and has at least two affiliated members.

Nominations are now being accepted and will close on the fifteenth (15th) of June 2011. Nominations may be made in writing or email and only by current AGA members. Any member affiliated with an AGA Chapter may nominate any full AGA member to be a director to represent the region in which that chapter is located. The nominee must meet the criteria below and confirm in writing that he/she has read the by-laws and is willing to serve. A member must specify a single chapter affiliation for AGA regional voting purposes, even if the member belongs to more than one chapter. Nominations need to specify the position for which the nomination is made.

To be eligible for election, by the calendar deadline for making nominations, - 15 June 2011 - each candidate must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Be a full member in good standing for a period of at least one year.
  3. Have been resident in the USA for at least six of the last twelve months. Residence offshore as a member of a US Military service will be regarded as US residence.
  4. Declare in writing a willingness to run and perform the duties of office.
  5. Declare in writing that they have read the Article of Incorporation and Bylaws of the AGA.
  6. For regional directors, a candidate must be a resident of the region they wish to represent.
  7. For at-large directors, a candidate may reside anywhere in the United States, including the territories.

Nominations must be sent via e-mail to or by postal mail to:

Arnold Eudell
9513 Baroness Ct.
Laurel, Maryland 20723

2011 Board Elections Online Voting Procedure

To vote go to

There will be a "vote here" window in the upper left. You may hand type or copy and paste the entire string in the window. A ballot for the region or at-large director should be displayed.
Click on the chad next to the candidate of your choice and then "done" to cast your vote.
You must do this for each voting code.

If you have any questions email


5/4/11 Elections and call for nominations announced.

6/10/11 Each chapter representative receives a preliminary notice of the voting rights for each chapter. This notice will show the names of the full members of the AGA that are affiliated with each each chapter and how many votes each chapter is entitled to. This notice is intended to give each chapter a chance to verify that all of their affiliated members are properly counted. A second listing will be sent shortly before the voting rights are determined.

Due to the chapters mailing list being down the voting rights list will be posted here

6/15/11 Nominations close.

6/16/11 Nominees announced.

6/21/11 Ballots sent to each current chapter for regional offices. The ballots for each chapter will indicate how many votes that chapter is entitled to. At this time the the number of votes for each chapter will be fixed. All correction to the affiliated members list must be in the hands of the data base manager by that time. To be elegible to vote, a chapter's membership must be current as of 7/1/2011.

7/29/11 Official deadline for ballots to be returned to the election committee. If they do not arrive by this time they will not be counted.

7/31/11 The ballots will be counted and the results will be announced at the congress.


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